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Project Description

Install Partner provides a simple and intuitive user interface for installing one or more applications.

About Install Partner

Install Partner was created to satisfy a need by our System and Development teams. When we re-image our development PCs, we have to manually install the various development tools that we utilize in our day-to-day lives. There are some commonalities with this tool set across development teams but there are also some tools that some teams make use of that other teams don't. For that reason, we developed Install Partner.


Install Partner allows us to create a standard set of application and associated install commands. These applications can then be grouped into multiple profiles. When the applications belonging to a profile need to be installed, you can simply select the profile and click "Install" and all applications will be installed (in the order listed within the profile) in a "hands-off" approach. Install Partner has the following features:

Basic Steps for Getting Started

  • Run Install Partner
  • Create a new configuration file (File->New Configuration)
  • Add applications (Edit->Add Application) and their respective installation commands (this can be an EXE, MSI, BAT file, etc.).
  • Create profiles (Edit->Create Profile) and associate desired applications with each profile.
  • Install applications based (Actions->Install Selected Profile) on profile or individually (Actions->Install Selected Application).
View the on-line guide for more information.

Here is a screen shot showing what Install Partner looks like with an example configuration file loaded:

Install Partner

Other Information

You can view more screen shots here.

You can view the on-line guide here.


If you have any feedback (e.g. suggested features, bugs, etc.) please create a new issue in the Issue Tracker.

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