Add an Application

To add an application to Install Partner:
  • Click on Edit->Add Application
  • Press Ctrl+A
  • Click on the "Add Application" toolbar button
The following dialog is displayed:

Add/Edit Application
  • Group - Select a pre-defined group (i.e. category) from the drop-down list or enter a new group name. The group name is used to categorize the list of applications within the Available Applications list.
  • Name - Provide an application name. This is the name that is displayed within the Available Applications list.
  • Command Line - This is the command line that is executed when this application is installed. This can refer to an EXE, MSI, or BAT file.
  • Arguments - This is the set of arguments (i.e. switches) to be passed into the application being installed.
Installing MSI Packages
If you are installing an MSI package that has the ".msi" extension, you will need to specify "msiexec" for the Command Line and then pass in the appropriate Arguments to install the package. For example, to install MyApp.msi:
  1. Specify "msiexec" for the Command Line.
  2. For the Arguments, specify /i "C:\Packages\MyApp.msi" /passive /norestart.
  1. When installing MSI packages, you can typically specify the arguments "/passive /norestart" to run in unattended mode while suppressing any reboots.
  2. To see all available switches for MSIEXEC, run MSIEXEC from a command line with no switches.
  3. If you need to perform multiple steps to install an application (e.g. handling pre-requisites, etc.) you can create a BAT file that performs all required steps and then call the BAT file with Install Partner.

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